Musings of Advent - 2019

Musings of Advent , by Dorothy Crockett

Mary knew, she was told by Gabriel,

Mary knew, the incarnate Babe would be,

Mary knew, his life, told by this angel,

Mary knew, her son’s dying, she would see.

The coming of her LORD, Mary knew.

The wine that he poured, Mary knew.

The bread that he gave, Mary knew.

The souls that he’d save, Mary knew.

Let us partake to prepare for Advent,

Let us give thanks for this Babe that was sent,

Let us, within these four weeks, make the choice,

Let us open our heart, with a welcoming voice.

After writing this, I re-read it. It was only then that I realized the epiphany of the Holy Spirit’s working in it. Only then did I realize how the Holy Spirit was comforting my mourning heart: as a mother who recently lost her son, I unconsciously identified with Mary, Jesus’ mother.

We will come to know all of what “Mary held in her heart.” As a grieving mother, it is a comfort to know, feel, and live through the experience of losing “my one and only son,” knowing that God knows my broken heart. God provides me with loving support from this spiritual community, as well as family and friends, all, so many who love me. I am most thankful for this.

It is in this, a brief seasonal testimony, that I relay a time of God drawing close to me, which is one of the countless times in which I sense God’s presence. I respond by drawing close to God.

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