Global Ministry: Nicaragua Water Project and Trip

The Global Ministries Committee of the CalPac Conference  UCC and PSWR Region DOC works to help interpret and involve people in the life of the global church.  To this end, the committee will offer two mission opportunities 2020 to engage directly in the work of the global church community.  The first  is a development mission trip has been scheduled to Nicaragua for next year, February 11-20.  We will be working with our ecumenical partners Cepad (Protestant Churches of Nicaragua) on two projects.  A water project in which we will be building water filters with rural families and a building project on a demonstration farm in the countryside.  Over the years we have worked at Cepana farm as mission to enable farmers to improve their lives be expanding the crop they can grow.  The farm has been transformed over the years and looks much different than it did 10 years ago, but there is still more to do and we have been asked to help build another structure on the farm.

Nicaragua has been going through hard times over the last 3 years, political unrest and a drop in investment and tourism has set the country back significantly.  The political situation has stabilized in the last year and Cepad has been asking delegations like ours to reengage in the work of caring in the country.  I hope you will prayfully consider your participation in this trip. As always, we shape the work to all our participants abilities in the trip you need not be an expert, only willing to serve.  The cost of the trip is $1800.00 and I will need to know if you want to commit to the trip be the end of December.  Let me know of our decision as soon as you can, our size is limited to 15 people.

Please Contact:

Michael Fronk

Pastor, First Christian Church, Pomona


To Donate:

Global Ministries Committee UCC/DOC Cal Pac& PSWR

Nicaraguan Water Project 2019/20

Over two-thirds of the world population struggles daily to have clean drinking water. Most of the world’s people spend part of their day finding, transporting, and attempting to clean their water so they can use it. But it’s not enough to try to clean water through a simple filter. It may make the water appear to be clean but doesn’t clear it of the parasites and bacteria that can still cause harm to the people who drink it.

The Global Ministries Committee has sent work teams to work on water projects in Nicaragua over the last decade. They have done reforestation projects and rebuilt a water system that serves a village of 2000 people. These projects have changed people’s lives, but the need continues.

This coming year, the Global Ministries Committee invites congregations, groups, and individuals to become personally involved in the work to bring clean water to people in need. It is our hope to raise enough money to build 100 water filtering units for families in northern Nicaragua. The cost of each unit is $40.00. The materials will all be purchased in Nicaragua and assembled by the recipients and the participants of the 2020 mission trip. The units are made of serviceable parts that the participants can get in the country so the system can be used for many years.

We take water for granted; just turn on the tap. The world yearns for safe water, will you do your part to make a difference? 100% of donations go to purchase the materials necessary.

Donations should be made out to:

First Christian Church Pomona Memo: Water Project

Mail to :

Michael Fronk, Treasurer

GMC First Christian Church

1751 N. Park Ave.

Pomona, CA 91768

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