And the Beat Goes On

Spiritual Self Care in the midst of Covid 19

By Robinmarie McClement

The beat goes on, the beat goes on Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain La de da de de, la de da de da”

Well maybe not the way it did in 1967 when this song came out by Sony and Cher, but the beat does still go on. However, it requires what one of my good friends, Lorraine says is remaining “woke” to be aware of it. The presence of God and sacred space is available to us in so many ways.

For me it often happens strongest when I am in the quiet and I allow for still waters. When I sit long enough to stop spending time on thinking and instead work to focus my attention on breathing and the sound and feel of my heartbeat. I cross my arms across my chest and place one hand on my heart and I feel God’s love pulsing through me. The feeling then gradually washes over me and through me and I am at peace and all is well with my spirit, body, and my soul with God. I practice this at least once a day. Taking a meandering walk somewhere you can find a patch of grass and slip off your shoes and let your feet feel and breathe in the earth beneath it. Take a few minutes to walk slowly and allow your senses to guide you as you amble about quietly allowing the moment to just be with you and God.

Playing music helps me with quieting an overworked mind, body, and soul. The news can be over whelming to watch (and that was before the Pandemic) and life is busy, messy, and often complicated. I remember how excited I was to see Meredith and Cristina “dance it out,” as they worked through their soap opera lives on Grey’s Anatomy. There are many a day when I tell Alexa to play something so I can dance it out these days. Years ago I attended a Cosmic Mass with Matthew Fox and he invited us all to just allow ourselves to move with the spirit and it became quite a sacred thing to open our hearts and soul and feet up to the music and lights moving through the venue. I also like to play Taizé’ and different kinds of music to soothe me as well. I tend to have Hawaiian Reggae on in the background when I am working at my desk. How about you?

Art can also be a very spiritual way to connect and it is so vast and diverse with so many different mediums. I would love to know what many of you are doing with art forms. The Rev. Erin Beardemphl from our Conference is creating beautiful pieces of art while using silk and other materials with tye dye as her sacred canvas. David Cavanaugh has been quilting and taking sewing classes and his creations are some of my favorite posts on FB! I have a friend in my weekly breakfast group that spins her own yarn and makes prayer shawls and hats for her friends who are low and depressed and in need of support.

Photography can help us to connect to sacred things, places, and people that we cannot either be with during this time of staying home to stay safe. And as we begin to come out safely for even a quiet walk or run or an errand; or an outdoor meal; the scenery can become sacred too.

What are you practicing to stay “woke” or aware of the presence of God in these days of Covid 19?

What is it that is connecting you to Spirit, to God and helps so you can let the sacred beat within you go on?

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