Seeking Justice

Sarah Averette-Phillips

David Ballou 

Brittany McAllister

John Forrest Douglas

Clayton Heard


Loving Community

Jerod Yates 

Jill Kirchner-Rose 

Pat Whitacre  


Building the Future 

Neal Washburn

Kris Bergstrom

Rosario Ibarra

Rich Fluechtling

Phil Jenkins

Ken Roberts


Equipping Leaders 

Cynthia Snell 

Lorenese Neru

Susie Bjork


Our Conference, like our congregations, is let in partnership. Our staff is supported by dedicated volunteers, both clergy and lay leaders, who help guide us and connect us. Each member of our Conference Board of Directors also serves on a working team. For more information on each team's work, you are invited to contact the chairs directly. 

Board Officers

Chair:                  Gary Chomiak
ice Chair:          Sarah Averette-Phillips
Secretary:            Kris Bergstrom
Moderator:         Gary Chomiak
Vice Moderator: Rachel Chapman

Treasurer:            Neil Washburn

Annual Gathering Team

David Clark

Shannon Clay

Mitchell Young

Nominating Committee

Sarah Halverson Cano

Mark Pettis

Wally Hoeger

Paul Tellstrom

(626) 798-8082

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1254
Claremont, CA 91711

Physical Address:

233 Harrison Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711