Eastern Association

  • the Rev. Jerry Garber Moderator

  • Mr. John DiNapoli Vice Moderator

  • the Rev. Gregg Hepner Registrar

  • the Rev. Audrey Turner Treasurer

  • Mr. George Osario Member At-Large

  • Mr. Joel Enriquez Member At-Large

  • the Rev. Matthew Redrich Chair, Section A

  • the Rev. Kraig Beardemphl Chair, Section B

  • the Rev. Marjorie Guese Chair, Section N

Meeting Dates:

April 25, 2020


Section A

  • the Rev. Matthew Redrich Chair

  • the Rev. Dr. Sylvia Mann

  • the Rev. Sharon Graff

  • Ms. Linda Lang

  • Ms. Donna Saxton

  • the Rev. Ernie Reyes

Section B

Section N

  • the Rev. Marjorie Guese Chair

  • the Rev. Ailao Tofaeono

  • Mr. Jeremy Wallace

  • Mr. Jay Caturay

  • the Rev. Grace Thompson

  • the Rev. Russel Smethers

  • the Rev. Wilfred Moore

  • Mr. Don Schmiedel


(626) 798-8082

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1254
Claremont, CA 91711

Physical Address:

233 Harrison Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711