Youth Roundtable for 2015-2016

The Youth Roundtable is made up youth and volunteer adult advisors who covenant together to provide fun, faith based, service oriented, events and activities for the youth of the Southern California Nevada Conference United Church of Christ. These events and activities in the past have included: Funtastic Festi-Fall, JAN Camp, FEB Camp, Youth Uniting in Mission (YUM), Annual Gathering, and Conference Youth Ministry Camp (CYMC).

Nominations/applications to the 2015-2016 Youth RoundTable are now available under forms on the right side of this page.

Click here for the SCNCUCC Safe Spaces Policy for Protecting Children and Youth as included in the covenant

You may contact the Conference office if you have any questions about the Roundtable: (626) 798-8082

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Information and Nomination Process: 2015-2016


  • What is the Youth RoundTable? The Youth RoundTable (YRT) is the youth leadership organization of the Conference.  The YRT is comprised of youth (grades 9-12) and adults (minimum age of 25) who represent the Associations and the various recognized special ministries of the Conference.  The YRT plans a variety of events for the youth of the Conference and the participants have the opportunity to develop and use their leadership abilities.
  • What kind of commitment is required? The term is one year, beginning at the Conference Youth Ministries Camp (CYMC) in July or August (after the election at Annual Gathering) until the next CYMC camp the following year.  Youth RoundTable members are asked to place the YRT among their top priorities.  Members are expected to attend all meetings and the events planned by YRT.  There are four meetings each year: one in September, one before Christmas, one in March, and one in May.  The regular meetings usually include an overnight stay (Saturday to Sunday).  The meetings are typically held at Pilgrim Pines Camp or in local UCC churches throughout the Conference.  The events of the Youth RoundTable have been: Funtastic Festi-Fall (October), Feb Camp (President’s holiday weekend), Youth Uniting in Mission (April), Annual Gathering (June), and CYMC (late July-early August). Additionally, the YRT can participate in Regional or National events such as General Synod, the Western Regional Youth Event, and the National Youth Event.

Members covenant to work together to plan youth ministry events and take on the various tasks of the YRT.  Most of the work takes place during the regular meetings, but occasionally there are conference calls or special meetings to attend.  In addition, some YRT members provide leadership at JAN Camp (MLK Jr. holiday weekend) as Counselors in Training (CITs); Annual Gathering Planning Committee; conference nominating committees; and often have the opportunity to serve in other ways in the life of the conference.

Two years (two consecutive one year terms) is the preferable duration for participating in Youth RoundTable as a youth (but a youth may serve up to four consecutive years).  Common practice for adults has been that an adult can serve up to four consecutive years and then can be nominated again after one year of non-participation.

  • Youth RoundTable Benefits? Members of the YRT are recognized as being leaders in our Conference. We practice a servant-leader model. That is, YRT members lead by serving the Youth of the Conference in our Youth Events. YRT members routinely participate in training in leadership, youth ministry, planning, and facilitating events. Being a YRT member does have several other benefits: generally, the time YRT members spend in meeting and in service count towards school’s public service requirements; upon request, the Conference Youth Minister will write letters of recommendation for you for work or higher education; Chapman University is also committed to bringing strong leaders from our churches and Conference. The United Church of Christ is in partnership with Chapman such that YRT members are eligible for half tuition if their parents’ FAFSA shows need. Chapman also offers a $2,000 scholarship for participation in the Disciples on Campus program.
  • What kind of support do Youth RoundTable Members need? Youth RoundTable members need the prayerful support of their parents/guardians and the local church to help keep calendars cleared and to coordinate transportation to help get members to meetings.  A roster is provided, so that members may carpool with other YRT youth and adults from their area.  In special cases, train, airline, or bus transportation can be provided. In addition, for some YRT members, specifically those who have an extremely long commute may be able to participate in meetings via teleconferencing or Internet Web Conferencing. In general, meals, lodging, and other expenses related to the YRT are covered through the Conference budget (which is supported by your OCWM gifts).
  • Who is considered an eligible candidate for Youth RoundTable? To be a member of the Youth RoundTable, you must belong to a local United Church of Christ (UCC) church in the Conference.  Youth who are not yet members of a local church may be nominated as long as they are recognized as affiliated with a local UCC church (for example, if they are in Confirmation Class for that church).  Adults must be a member of a local UCC church.  At-Large positions are created as needed to enable the YRT to be truly representative of the diversity present in our Conference as well as fill vacant spots in order to maintain a viable group.

To be considered an eligible candidate for Youth RoundTable, a nominee should have attended at least one of the Youth RoundTable sponsored youth events in the last year.  Their nomination form must be completely filled out and must be in the Conference Office by the deadline or postmarked by the nomination deadline.  Their two reference forms must be in the Conference Office no later than 7 days after the nomination deadline.  Finally, nominees must be active in their local church (for example, attend church school or youth group on a regular basis; serve on a church committee; sing in a choir; play an instrument with a choir; etc.).  The deadline for this year is April 24, 2015. That is, the form needs to be postmarked (if mailing) by April 24th. If you are scanning and emailing, the form needs to be in by April 24th.

  • What is the nomination timeline process? Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated by their church or association. A nominating committee will review the applications during the May 2015 YRT meeting and notify applicants of their decision immediately following.  Those who have been nominated and selected will be asked to attend the Annual Gathering, June 5-6 at Chapman University.  During the Annual Gathering, the nominees will be recognized and installed.

Nomination Timeline:

  • Forms must be postmarked by April 24, 2015. 
  • Applicants notified following the May 16-17, 2015 YRT Meeting
  • Chosen nominees attend Annual Gathering June 5-6, 2015 at Chapman University
  • Who do I contact for more information?

Questions may be directed to:

Virginia Arroyo

626/798-8082, Ext. 10, Fax: 626/798-6648, E-mail:



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