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The Lamp of God’s Word for our Epiphany Pathway

Continuing the Spiritual Journey Through Epiphany

Feelings, Frustrated Hopes and the Spiritual Life

Awakening to our spiritual path, cultivating awareness of the Divine Ever-Presence.

The Heavenly Country and the Spiritual Journey

Journeying through the physical world grounded in the spiritual: Seeking our Heavenly Home on Earth.

Carpets, Hair Dryers and Peter

Dr. Hybertsen asks, “Are we getting in God’s way?”

The Bells of St Mary’s and the Problem with Goodness

Taking time to delight and rest in God: A Lenten Journey

Reflections With Fellow Sojourners: In a Sacred Time

Celebrating Advent’s blessed “not-yet” sacred quality; its hallowed, gracious time.

Reflections with Fellow Sojourners: Word and Spirit

Finding renewal in our ever-new time – the first in a series of discussions with Dr. Findlay.

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