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Annual Gathering 2013: A Sharing of Gifts

A smorgasbord of programs, projects and opportunities: Following Where the Eagles Soar

Balance in Motion

How can we as a church achieve asymmetrical balance? What will we look like when we do?

Bright Shiny Seeds: Neal Washburn’s Ecclesiastical Council and Other Highlights of the Southern Association’s Annual Meeting

Seed planters and Bright Shiny Things – the Church at its Best

God’s Vision: Connected; The UCC’s Family Reunion-General Synod 2013

General Synod 29 Letter from Mary Domb Mikkelson, SCNC Press Secretary.

“Born Again” Born Anew

“Born Again” – Letting Go and Letting God

Communion, The Subtle Altar Call

Coming forward to connect or re-connect with Christ: The altar call and extravagant welcome of communion.

Legacy of Love: An East County Saga

They were young and far from home, just starting out in the world, with new jobs and new families, little money but lots of energy. They became friends and, as friends, built a community.

Centro Romero …spanning borders

Welcome to the world of Centro Romero, the border ministry of the United Church of Christ (UCC) – and our quarterly newsletter, Spanning Borders, Issue #2.

UCCLM and ONA – Acronyms of Love: Celebrating Our First Year as an ONA Congregation

The people of the United Church of Christ of La Mesa celebrate their first year as an ONA Congregation

Meet Cynthia Diggs, New Pilgrim Pines Camp Manager

“Camp feeds the soul,” Cynthia Diggs says. “It offers ‘comfort food’ and freedom from worldly concerns.” Meet the new Manager of Pilgrim Pines.

PTSD Awareness Adventure 2012: Across the US by Bike

Tom Skinner, a veteran battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, takes to the road to help other vets, biking 3800 miles from California to Vermont.

Centro Romero …spanning borders

Welcome to the world of Centro Romero, the border ministry of the United Church of Christ (UCC) – and the debut of our quarterly newsletter, Spanning Borders.

Mission & Money, Church Vitality 2012 Workshop, United Church of Christ of La Mesa

Preschools, financial stewardship, investment management, legacy gifts and fraud prevention: UCC and DOC speakers tackle the monetary challenges facing today’s church.

The Memory Foam Church

Picture a church flexible and supportive enough to embrace the needs of all who enter – or can be enticed to enter; one caring enough to give tradition an honorable retirement and open its heart its doors and its arms to the searcher, the spiritually hungry, the unchurched, the outsider.

Worship: Does Close Count?

Defining Worship: Not as Easy as it Sounds!

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