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As the Season of the Spirit Begins

Celebrating the Church’s birth; savoring the Spirit’s power

Meeting and Manifesting the Divine Within

Looking inward: Dwelling in God

The Great Events of Faith

From unsettling to new growth: the Lent – Easter journey

Lenten Reflections 2014

Sharing the journey and blessings of Lent.

The Lamp of God’s Word for our Epiphany Pathway

Continuing the Spiritual Journey Through Epiphany

Ghost Ranch Retreat 2014

Rev. Dr. James D. Findlay will be leading a week-long retreat on “The History and Practice of Spiritual Reading” at the magnificent Casa del Sol June 9-15.

Epiphany and Spiritual Emergence

Dr. Findlay explores the emerging light of Epiphany

Promises and Dreams in a Time of Deepening Darkness

Dr. Findlay reflects on Advent, weaving and interweaving Isaiah and Matthew and bringing them together.

The Power and Presence of God in the Midst of Life

Finding strength, sustenance and power on our life journeys: Dr. Findlay examines the lectionary texts of the season of Kingdomtide.

Feelings, Frustrated Hopes and the Spiritual Life

Awakening to our spiritual path, cultivating awareness of the Divine Ever-Presence.

The Heavenly Country and the Spiritual Journey

Journeying through the physical world grounded in the spiritual: Seeking our Heavenly Home on Earth.

Spiritual Life, Acts of Power, and the Christ Within

Rev. Dr. James Findlay’s thoughts on the Christ within each one of us.

Reflections with Fellow Sojourners – Entering a Blessed Season: Speech, Spirit, and Transformation

Thoughts on journeying through this season of the Holy Spirit.

Reflections with Fellow Sojourners – After the First Day: Genesis, Paul, Resurrection, and the Journey of Life

Launching off from Easter, “The First Day,” Dr. Findlay explores days 2 through 7, drawing parallels to the story of Creation.

Passion, Cross and Resurrection

Reflections on Holy Week, Good Friday, Easter and beyond: how these narratives shape our lives and perceptions

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