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New Book from David Arthur Auten

Emptiness: The Beauty and Wisdom of Absence

Emptiness is a strange phenomenon that haunts us in many ways. Most of us have felt empty at one time or another, though we don’t often talk about it. We have a sense that something is missing in life. This absence extends beyond human experience to the physical world. As contemporary science has revealed to us on both a macroscopic and subatomic level, curiously, the vast majority of the universe is composed mostly of nothing but empty space. Emptiness is “abundant” and beckons for our attention. Drawing on the Judeo-Christian wisdom of the Bible, in conversation with Eastern and Celtic thought, Auten offers us an eye-opening and profoundly practical examination of the much neglected gift of absence. Nothing, ironically, turns out to be endlessly fascinating and significant.

David Arthur Auten is Senior Pastor at the First Congregational Church of Ramona, California. He is a graduate of Yale University, ordained in the United Church of Christ, and also the author of Eccentricity: A Spirituality of Difference and Embrace: Strangeness, Mediocrity, and the Living God.



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