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Community Congregational Church of Chula Vista Seeks Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Chula Vista Church-BuildingCommunity Congregational Church of Chula Vista

Position Description: Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries


Definition of the Position

The Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries provides leadership, organization, and spiritual guidance to the participants in the Youth and Young Adults Group (ages 13-25) of Community Congregational Church of Chula Vista, including leading meetings, activities, Bible study, and service projects.  The Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries fosters a positive and inviting environment that allows young people to explore issues of faith in a safe and stimulating manner while also facilitating integration into the broader United Church of Christ (UCC) community.  In addition, the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries serves as a role model and mentor to young people in their faith development.


Organizational Responsibilities 

The Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries reports to the Senior Minister and the Church Council.  The Senior Minister will provide day-to-day direction, including programmatic guidance.  Duties are carried out in coordination with the Board of Christian Education.  The Personnel Committee oversees performance and evaluation, in cooperation with the Senior Minister.


Educational Background

Pursuing college degree in religious studies and/or have a background in religious studies, theology and/or progressive Christianity.  College Graduate or equivalent preferred. Seminary students are encouraged to apply.


Requirements for the Position

1. Work effectively with and youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds.

2. A progressive Christian faith and biblical knowledge that is relevant to youth and young adults, along with being open to new ways of thinking.

3. Open-minded, energetic and vibrant in personality; someone who can relate to the lives of the youth and young adults.

4. Consistency in leadership and in attendance.

5. Good organizational and planning skills.

6. Passion for learning and teaching.

7. Exciting teaching style that holds the interest of youth and young adults.

8. Willingness to work within and promote the congregation’s open theology and welcoming atmosphere.

9. Nurture and mentor youth and young adults from a broad range of beliefs, and create an inviting atmosphere for learning.

10. Adherence to the United Church of Christ code of ministerial ethics.

11. Work effectively and cooperatively with church staff, youth, young adults, parents of youth and young adults, the church council and the larger congregation.

12. Work effectively with technology (computers, internet, social networking, projection equipment, audio visual, etc.) so as to communicate with youth and young adults throughout the week.

 Specific Duties

1. Plan, develop, coordinate, and lead:

a. Weekly Bible study on Friday evenings, currently 5:00-7:00pm

b. Weekly class on Sunday mornings, 10:00-11:00am

c. Periodic community service projects

d. Youth Sundays on the 2nd Sunday of each month (currently, this consists of youth liturgist and ushers, and a once or twice a year Youth Sunday with the entire service led by the youth and young adults)

e. Periodic Youth Fun Nights: e.g. off-site activities like skating, laser tag, etc. and onsite movie nights and sleepovers at the church

2. Help the youth and young adults interact with other churches’ young people in the South Bay area

3. Help the youth and young adults coordinate the annual Vacation Bible School program, in which they teach and lead the younger children of the church

4. Grow the group of youth and young adults—spiritually and numerically

5. Submit yearly budget proposals to the Trustees and work within approved budget and financial guidelines

6. Submit end of year report to the Church Office for inclusion in the Annual Book of Reports

7. Participate in church staff meetings one time each month and monthly Church Council meetings

8. Participate in the annual performance evaluation

9. Perform other duties as required

Additional Comments

When creating this job description, the youth and young adults said:

· We’re doing most of the stuff ourselves, we need a direction!

· We’re a car without a driver!



This position is part-time, with the expectation that the job can be accomplished in 10-15 hours per week.  There is a one-week vacation time per year, after the probationary period of three months.  Salary is negotiable and based on credentials and experience, range of $8,000-10,000/year.  Full background check is required.

Please send your resumé to: ChurchSecretary@chulavistachurch.com.

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