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God’s Grace: Theophilus A. Logan Celebrates 100 Years!

By Rachel Chapman

Theo Logan1On April 30, 2017, Christian Fellowship, UCC member and San Diego icon, Theophilus Logan celebrated his one hundredth birthday.  When asked what keeps him going, his response is his doctor of 25 years and the Grace of God.  Of course, his wife of almost sixty years, Martha Nash Logan, and his family of two children and four grandchildren are also a large part of that.

Mr. Logan is known throughout the San Diego area as a realtor, opening Logan Realty in 1965.  He was the first Black Real Estate Broker to become a member and later President of the San Diego Association of Realtors.  He is also known for his work in the community as a fraternity brother, mentor, faithful church member and all-around special person.

Theo Logan was born in Lima, Oklahoma in 1917 when Oklahoma had only been a state for ten years.  Lima was one of the many small Black villages that had no running water, gas or electricity.  An elementary school teacher and a railroad company employee were the stock from which he came.  He later graduated from the Historical Black College and University (HBCU), Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, and went on to work for a short time with the United Presbyterian Church.  In 1942, Mr. Logan was drafted into the United States Army where he served for twenty years, retiring with the rank of Major.  During that time, he had assignments in Italy, Germany, Korea and Japan but says his best assignment was Lincoln University in Missouri where he met and married Martha.

In his words:

“I’ve been blessed to witness many changes in my life time.  I have seen the cost of bread go from nine cents a loaf to $3.00 a loaf  today.  My first car in 1939, a used black Ford coup, cost $350.  I remember paying 10 cents a gallon for gas in Oklahoma.   The first house I sold in 1965, a 3 bedroom 1 bath on “Z” Street, sold for $12,000.  I have lived through 20 of the 45 presidents, starting with Woodrow Wilson.  I lived at the time of Lindbergh’s Trans-Atlantic flight and I lived to witness Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.  I have witnessed the transition of the typewriter to the computer.  I have       witnessed communication develop from the telegraph, to the hand-cranked-wall-mounted telephone, to the I-Phone that you can carry in your pocket and FaceTime anywhere in the world.  I have seen the population of the United States grow from 100 million people when I was a boy to 330 million today. My mother rode to work on horseback, and I have ridden in a self-driving electric car.

“Yes, I have seen a lot of changes in 100 years, but the changes represent growth, development, and improvements in the quality of our lives. Maybe in my next 100 years, I will experience more things and tell you all about them when we celebrate my 200th.”

May the Grace of God continue to bless you and keep you Mr. Theo Logan! You inspire everyone you meet to be like you when we grow up.

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