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First Congregational Church of Riverside Votes to Become a Sanctuary Church

FCC_logo_COLORThe congregation of First Congregational has voted overwhelmingly to be a public sanctuary church. This will involve publicly supporting the local immigrant community, working with immigrant rights groups and coalitions, and being open to housing an immigrant in danger of deportation in our church building. Housing someone will depend on an immigrant being willing and courageous enough to step up and be very public about their situation.

Obviously this is not a step that every congregation is called to make. For us it was a role that suited the legacy of a church that has always been bold about standing with the most vulnerable. It is quite simply who we have always been.

Like ours, yours may be a church that does not have undocumented folk as members. However, like us, you may have many teachers who are hearing their students express fear about whether their parents will be there when they get home. Hopefully a day will come when they can spend their time in school focusing on what is being taught rather than worrying about going home and finding that their parent/s have been deported.

The process in which we engaged that led to this decision included providing the congregation with information about what being a sanctuary church might involve. If you would like any information about this please feel to contact either Reverend Hannah Cranbury or Reverend Jane Quandt at 951-684-2494.

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