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Thoughts from the Eye’s Mind: An April Shower of Poems

by Rev. Ross Putnam

A Venture in Creativity

Ross  PutnamA year ago I responded to a challenge to write a poem a day during April — which is poetry month.  Each day I posted a poem on Facebook.  At the end of the month my wife, Rev. Paula Elizabeth, said, “You’re not going to just leave it at that, are you?”  And thus began a year-long project of self-publishing a book of those poems.

Included with each poem is one of my abstract drawings.  The book is called Thoughts from the Eye’s Mind: An April Shower of Poems.  Two of them may be read below.


 The Prophet

The fire began at Mason Temple, Memphis

The night before

“I’ve been to the mountain top

    And I’ve seen the Promised Land…”

The fire exploded at the Lorraine Motel, Memphis

April 4, 1968

   “I may not get there with you

    But we as a people will get to the Promised Land”

The fire went wild across the land

Then suddenly quiet

   The fires stopped — or so it seemed

   No more fuel to burn — or so they said

Everyone braced lest the wound be lanced

Everyone cringed when wrongs were said

   And it was here — out of ignorance

   And it was there — out of maliciousness

Now it’s a revolution

Incinerating relationships and causes

   So is it up to us only?

   Only if we want LIFE


I saw a dog

Barking orders at the moon

Telling the moon exactly how


Where to move

When the moon didn’t budge

The dog went home

Looking for its tree.

Cost:  $15.00 plus postage

You may contact me at rwpbest@gmail.com with your mailing address.

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