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[UCCCCM] Grants Available for Sending MIDs to General Synod

mglad190Dear Colleagues,

Is there a Members-In-Discernment (MID) in your conference you want to bring to General Synod in Baltimore? 
United Church Funds, as trustee of the Richard and Helen Brown Endowment for Pastoral Scholarships, is once again making available Stipends of $1,075 to each UCC Conference to help cover the cost of bringing a MID to Baltimore with the rest of that Conference’s General Synod delegates.  
In addition to one Stipend, a varying Travel Allowance (TA) amount will also be given to each Conference. The amount of the TA will vary based on the relative distance of each Conference’s Region from Baltimore. For a table showing the total amount available to each UCC Conference (Stipend + TA) go to: http://bit.ly/2lNkpv6 
To qualify for the MID-to-Synod grant, the Conference’s proposed MID must: 
  1. be named by the Conference Minister or other delegated Conference leader;
  2. be a first time attendee (one who has never attended a General Synod meeting before); 
  3. register for Synod at www.ucc.org at the reduced MID registration rate; 
  4. agree to participate in all Synod events expected of a Conference’s regular delegate; 
  5. attend the Friday morning pre-Synod MESAgathering for all MIDs; and
  6. be willing to share their GS experience afterward with other MIDs as they are able. 
If your Conference would like to bring more than one MID to Synod, please do! However, only one grant in the amount shown in the table will be made to each Conference, and then only if at least one MID from the Conference qualifies. But feel free to use the dollars allocated to more than one MID if that fits the needs of the Conference; it’s your call.
Also note that the TA amount awarded is intended to correspond to the MID’s point of origin when traveling to Baltimore. So, if your Conference’s identified MID happens to reside outside of your Conference’s Region and will be travelling to Synod from that different Region, then the amount of the TA portion of the award to be made for that MID will reflect the TA amount shown for the MID’s Region of residence when Synod begins. 
For example, if a MID identified by the CA-NV, No. Conference (Western Region) happens to be living in Lancaster, PA next June (Middle Atlantic Region), the CA-NV, No. Conference would only receive a $1,200 grant (125+1,075=1,200) to support that MID, not the $2,325 amount shown in the table (1,250+1,075=2,325). The inverse of this example would also be true for MIDs from Conferences that are part of nearby Regions, but who will be traveling to Synod from their summer residence address that happens to be located in a more distant Region. That distant Region’s TA amount will apply to the grant amount received for that MID even though they are being sponsored by a Conference that is part of a Region that is closer to Baltimore.  
Please identify your MID by May 1st, and send in their name and contact information to brown@ucfunds.org
By that date, if there are any Conferences that have not identified a qualified MID willing and able to attend GS, then that Conference’s allocation will be made available to any other conference that requests it after that date, on a first come first served basis, until all available “MIDs-to-GS” funds are used. 
If you have additional questions, or need further clarifications, please email brown@ucfunds.orgcall or text me at 646-675-2576 and leave a voice mail message if I do not answer the phone.
Thank you for giving the promotion of this opportunity for your MIDs your time and attention. 
Yours truly,
Rev. Nelson R. Murphy, Retired
Brown Endowment Administrator

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