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An Ode to Chaplaincy

An Ode to Chaplaincy


By Dorothy M. Crockett
Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator,
Seaport Home Health & Hospice
San Diego, CA

A moment arrives; I am called to assist,
At a time when one dies; the family in an abyss.
I offer a hug and a hand on a shoulder, I place.
As I silently pray and God showers God’s grace.
One daughter slumps, weeping in deep agony.
And struggles to say, “He’s gone. How can this be?”
Her wailing continues and a brother holds her hand,
While other loved ones come around her and stand.
Another daughter looks and silently shakes her head “no.”
She didn’t want the “plugs pulled,” nor to see him “go.”
She stands by the bedside, gulping the air,
Holding in her sobbing, and gently smoothing his hair.
She closes his eyes and then, in Spanish, says a prayer.
It is a time of sorrow for everyone there.
Grandchildren arrive and stand at his side,
In disbelief they look; their tears they try to hide.
I stand by their mother, her hand clasping mine.
A holy moment of presence; a moment in time.

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