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Answer the Phone! It’s God’s Agent Calling!

dorothy-crockettby Rev. Dorothy Crockett

God’s mysterious ways are often seen as serendipity moments. Such was the case, recently, after the chaos of three events in my life. A friend made the suggestion to take a Sabbath day of rest. This intentional quiet time would include seeking God’s voice through silence. That silence would include shutting off all noise makers: the T.V., the computer, the radio, and the phone.

My friend gave a spiritual prescription (Rx) to read the three Epistles of John. Then,sit quietly and talk with God, telling God what’s going on and how I feel; read the Scripture, again; let the Word of God sink in to your spirit and absorb it; and listen for God’s voice.

In setting aside a day for this, I was diligent in carrying out all the above suggestions, from early morning through the hours towards noon. Then mid-morning, even though my phone was on mute, it buzzed. I let it buzz. With no Caller ID, the number looked familiar. However, sticking to the intent for the day, my thought was that whoever it is, they’ll leave a voice message and I would plan to return the call, tomorrow.

Twenty minutes later, another buzz. This time, it was my mentor, who is also a chaplain.  We speak frequently, so I repeated my thought of calling back, tomorrow. However, five minutes later, he called, again. This time, I figured, it must be important, and answered.  He asked, “Are you answering your phone?” After describing my intent for a Sabbath, he said, “I think you better answer your phone.”

During our conversation, he elaborated about a phone call he received that morning from a former person he served. She called to thank him for his ministering. As they spoke, she asked, “Do you know of a chaplain who is looking for a position?”  Immediately, he gave her my name and phone number.

With that, he gave me her contact information and I called her. This led to a 20 minute phone interview which culminated with her request for me to send an email with an attached resume and to suggest a date and time for us to meet.

As we completed that first in-person interview, she invited me to return to meet the company’s CEO and Human Resource staff person. We met on a Friday. When the meeting closed, I was told they would call me on the following Monday, with their decision. As she walked me to the door, she whispered to me, “Don’t worry.”

On Monday, she texted, “Will you be available to receive an e-mail and a phone call? I want to send you a formal offer letter.” My reply, “Yes, please do.” Later, she called to invite me to join their “dream team.” Now, I will be serving at Seaport Home Health & Hospice as Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator. In reality, this position found me.  More precisely, God’s plans, and an answer to my prayer, came through – loud and clear – during my day of Sabbath. Once again, this is only one of the many stories of God’s mysterious ways. Thanks be to God!

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