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Blue Christmas at Covina Community Church

bluechristmascovinaBlue Christmas is a worship service that invites honest emotions and recognizes that many still walk in darkness. Grief, loss, traumatic change, or medical issues can have a serious impact on our experience of special events. Anniversaries of loss, or the first family gathering after a death can be difficult. Blue Christmas makes room for those feelings while claiming the promise that light will come into the darkness. This service is not just for those who are struggling, but those who walk with them and seek to be a comfort to all in need. Blue Christmas is a reminder of how difficult the first Christmas truly was and the adversity faced by the Holy family.

Join us as we remember, lament, and turn our eyes towards Christmas with a very honest prayer of hope.


Will this be a depressing service?

No, Blue Christmas is honest – not manipulative.

I’m Happy – why should I come?

Know someone struggling but don’t’ know how to reach out? Invite them to Church – to worship. This service would be a good fit.

Remember when you were struggling? Come and give thanks for your journey to the path you now walk.

Will I leave in a happy place?

This service is not an anti-depressant or a cast a magic spell. Emotions evolve and change over time, especially if we spend time in prayer and reflection. This service is just one such opportunity.

Do I need to be a member of the Church or have certain beliefs?

All are welcome in this service, just as all are welcome in God’s loving arms.

All means all. No disclaimers and no apologies.

Do you really mean all are welcome?

Yes, even you!

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