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Global Ministries Japan Mission Trip 2016

JAPAN MISSION TRIP 2016Japan PhotoCollage

June 24 – July 3

Join us on this great chance to learn more and join in on the mission work being done by our partners at the Asian Rural Institute and Emmaus Ecumenical Center.  The trip will include time to explore Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and visit our Japanese missionaries serving at important Christian universities in Japan.

6/24 (Fri Leaving ) Los Angeles

6/25 (Sat) Arriving* in Tokyo staying in hotel in Tokyo.. *we cross the international dateline going to Tokyo

6/26 (Sun) Tokyo Rest up day staying at the hotel and time to explore Tokyo individually or in a small group. Attending worship at a church in Tokyo

6/27 (Mon) Leave Tokyo for Asian Rural Institute(ari-edu.org) by train for tour and orientation.   We will be staying in ARI dorms with international volunteer workers and trainees.

6/28 (Tue) ARI volunteer work  (Assisting with sustainable farming training activities projects)

6/29 (Wed) ARI volunteer work Leaving for Sendai

6/30 (Thurs)  Visiting Emmaus

Christian student center in Sendai Leaving for Kyoto

7/1 (Fri) Visiting Kuansei Gakuin

University (Jeffrey Mensendiek) Explore Kyoto or take a short day trip to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

7/2 (Sat)  Explore Kyoto  Leaving for Tokyo

7/3 (Sun) Attending worship at a church in Tokyo. Leaving Tokyo in the evening arriving -Los Angeles

Airline Ticket $1000 Japan Rail Pass and other transportation Cost $400 Accommodations $800 (includes meals at Ari and some hotel breakfasts) Total Estimate Cost $2200

Ask Ken Matsuyama for more info. kmatsuyama@hotmail.com or 949-378-3715


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