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Associate Conference Minister Position Open

SCNCUCC LogoThe SCNC Board of Directors has approved the opening of a part-time Associate Conference Minister position for 2016.  This position is for a one-year initial term at 2/5 time.  Qualified applicants must have ministerial standing in the United Church of Christ. Preference will be given to UCC Ordained Ministers.  Additionally, qualified applicants will demonstrate:

• Knowledge of the UCC Search and Call process
• Understanding of the work of Committees on Ministry
• Ability to work with congregations in crisis
• Ability to oversee volunteer groups
• Ability to manage and oversee Conference Annual Gathering planning process

Although the Conference office is located in Altadena, CA, the selected candidate will be expected to work with the Southern Association (San Diego and Orange Counties) and will be required to travel to the Conference office in Altadena, at least once-a-month.  To apply, submit a UCC Profile to the Southern California Nevada Conference via the UCC Ministerial Profile Portal.  Hardcopy or direct mailing of Profiles will not be accepted.

Salary;   $41,600 Annually

Benefits:  Social Security Offset; Professional Expenses

Housing: No Housing Provided

Search Process for this Position: Ministerial Profile sent at candidate request; Conference Board Executive Committee interviews candidates and recommends to the entire Board of Directors.  Board of Directors will schedule additional interviews and make final decision.

Who To Contact:

Name:  Virginia Arroyo
Title:  Administrative Assistant
Phone: 626-798-8082
Email:  arroyo@scncucc.org

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