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Celebrate Universal Children’s Day

Universal Childrens DayNovember 20

Send out loving thoughts to all children in your care and  children throughout the world.

Universal Children’s Day on November 20 is a day to celebrate and honor all children everywhere and to support their Rights or Needs for healthy development found in the global treaty for Children’s Rights ratified in 1989 by the UN. The Convention on the Rights of the Child. It took 40 nations including the U.S.working together for 10 years.to develop.

Many churches, schools, and children’s organizations will be celebrating as well as other nations- some on other days.

Plan with the children a party or activity on or near Nov. 20. One example is from the Congregational -UCC Church of Fullerton, CA.:

The children of the Congregational Church of Fullerton and its new minister, Rev. Christina Siva, are planning the church service on Nov. 22, Celebrating Children and Universal Children’s Day. They will focus on a few of the Rights or Needs of all Children articulated in the International Human Rights Treaty for Children called the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  It will be fun to see what they do!

Afterwards Congregations could share what they do for Universal Children’s Day


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