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Confronting the Powers: An Anti-Racism Workshop

Confronting-the-Powers_Updated-Flyer-copyFriday-Saturday, September 18-19

What is the difference between racism and personal prejudice? How can we dismantle racism internally and socially? Why does racism still grip the United States?

If these questions interest you, you should consider attending this workshop, co-organized by Progressive Christians Uniting and the Pro-Reconciliation/Anti-Racism Committee of the Disciples of Christ! You don’t have to have been trained before. All it requires is some time and an open heart and mind. Activists, laity, clergy, and allies are all welcome! The training will be at Westminster Gardens in Duarte, CA.

Suggested donation: $10. Additional costs will be minimal other than for food and hotel (if you live too far away to commute). To register, email Paulina PiƱa Garcia.

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