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Journal Writing through Grief and Loss

Ray McGinnis, Author

Ray McGinnis, Author

San Marino Congregational UCC will be offering this writing workshop on Sunday, June 7, 2015 from 1pm to 3pm at their church located at 2560 Huntington Drive in San Marino (91108).  To reserve your spot for the workshop, please email our Clerk, Kim Van Horsen at:  kimvh@sanmarinoucc.org or call her at (626) 292-2080.

Grief is a natural response to the loss of someone or something meaningful –  a person, a relationship, a job, health, a pet, independence, the loss of a deeply held belief or anything else that is emotionally valued.  At this workshop, writer Ray McGinnis will lead you with gentle help for reflecting on and addressing grief and loss. This workshop is as much a time to reflect through conversation, as it is a place to learn about journaling for grief and loss. In this confidential and supportive setting you’ll be given an opportunity to write privately. You’ll also be given a map for understanding how writing in a journal can be a helpful companion to accompany your own unfolding healing journey. Come to discover how being present to grief and loss in life can help one live more deeply, and how you may rely on your spiritual resources to support you on whatever journey you take.

The suggested donation for the workshop is $20, although no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  No previous writing experience is necessary.

Ray McGinnis is the author of, “Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry.” He has led nearly one thousand workshops using writing as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. Through his journey with his 84-year-old father’s illness from multiple myeloma, and accompanying other friends who have died untimely deaths from various illnesses and accidents, Ray is acquainted with grief. As someone who has kept a journal for over thirty years, Ray looks forward to placing participants on a restorative path and helping them address their own loss and grief.

Comments from previous workshop participants include:

“This was THE most spiritually honest, open-hearted and accessible event I think I have ever attended.” – Rev. Linda Campbell, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ross, California.

“Your workshop was such a gift. Words failed me the past two years after my husband died. I didn’t really know what to say to people in my congregation. Everyone wants to be helpful and yet there is this awkwardness in the face of death’s finality. Your workshop provided a place for me to have honest one-on-one conversations with people who are friends and strangers in a confidential setting. And now I know I simply MUST write to move forward. I am excited and very, very grateful.” Betty, United Methodist Church, Chicago

“These exercises you provide are a lifeline for anyone trying to come to terms with losses in their life, whether recent or long ago. I came to your workshop thinking I knew what I would write about. But I was surprised what I ended up writing about which was both profound and very illuminating.” ~ Martin, Yellowknife United Church, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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