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CLUE CA Announces New Name & Structure

CLUE LogoInterfaith Movement for Human Integrity
“Every Human Person Is Sacred  Across All Borders”

After a year-long discernment process, CLUE CA has changed its name and structure.

Our new name is the  Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (IM4HumanIntegrity) .   Our name change and new structure reflect the core value that undergirds our work – to  galvanize faith communities to action around the principle that  all human life “is sacred across all borders.

Structurally, we are no longer the hub for a federation of six independent affiliates.  We are still allies and supporters of our former affiliates, but we have made a clear delineation in our areas of work.

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity will focus on issues and aspects of life that promote the oneness of humanity and the wholeness of every human person.Clue 1
We maintain all our current staff and work in three geographic areas of California:
Greater San Francisco Bay Area, the  Inland Valleys (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties), and  Los Angeles County.

Our programmatic focus continues in the same areas:

Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights
We work with religious leaders from diverse faith traditions to call together people of faith to promote the rights, fair treatment, and dignity of all immigrants, regardless of their immigration status.    (staffed by Rev. Deborah Lee, Moises Escalante)

Community Wellness and Faith, Fellowship, and Fitness
We work with faith and community leaders to improve conditions that can help to reduce health disparities among highly at-risk populations. (staffed by Kianna Shann & Dr. Art Cribbs)

Leadership Development
We work to promote a new equitable economy rooted in our deepest faith commitments, where values influence policy through Art and Cultural Expression, Civic Engagement, and Economic Literacy and Justice Training.
(staffed in  partnership with Francisco Herrera – Trabajo Cultural, Re v. Sandhya Jha, with all IM4humanintegrity staff.) 

Clue2We appreciate your partnership and support!
We look forward to our continued work together ahead!

Check out our new website: www.im4humanintegrity.org.

You can read more about the change here.

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