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What Does Membership of the Insurance Board Mean To You?

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As a United Church of Christ church, you are automatically a member of the Insurance Board. You are entitled to certain benefits, many of which are free, aimed at protecting your church and its ministry, and reducing the likelihood and magnitude of a disruptive loss. All of our programs have been developed for the unique needs of your church.


All UCC churches and related-ministries are members of the Insur- ance Board, a non-profit financial ministry owned by the Conferences of the UCC. Benefits available to you include:

•     Discounted electrical inspection program
•     FREE abuse  prevention training that  includes online  video classes
•     Property valuation programs
•     Loss prevention on-site inspection that addresses: conditions of buildings and grounds, financial management controls, abuse prevention, officers and directors risk analysis, tenant management and more
•     Discounted background checking services
•     Free support for boundary training for clergy
•     Free risk management advice
•     Free newsletters
•     Free webinars, seminars, and more


All of the benefits of membership PLUS:

•  A comprehensive insurance package that EXCEEDS almost every other carrier
•  A suite of coverage unsurpassed by others including, but not
limited to: Custom Property, General Liability, Abusive Acts Liability, Pastoral Counseling Liability, Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability, and Directors & Officers Liability including Em- ployment-Related Practices Liabilities such as sexual harass- ment, wrongful termination & discrimination. Also includes: Employers’ Liability, Employee Benefits Liability, Cemetery Professional Liability, and Crime (Employee Dishonesty).
•  Substantial coverage and higher limits from A-rated carriers.
Our goal is to provide the greatest scope of protection for the churches  we  serve.  Participants  enjoy  the  following  limits which are not shared: $30M umbrella, $3M directors & officers liability, $2M pastoral counseling, $2M employee benefits lia- bility, $2M hired & non-owned automobile liability, $1M sexual misconduct liability per victim (up to $2M annual limit), $1M employee dishonesty, and more.
•  Claims advocacy. We are not an insurance carrier, we are
YOUR program and we work hard to ensure your claims get covered and serviced properly!
•  IBpropertyFLEX and  IBpropertyCLASSIC: two  products  de-
signed to help best meet your church’s needs.

Membership is free to all UCC churches.
Visit the Insurance Board website www.InsuranceBoard.org to begin using your member benefits.

To become a participant, call 800.437.8830.Insurance Board 30th logo

We are honored and blessed to have served churches for 30 years! We in- vite you to submit to us what you or your church is celebrating in 2015. Go to www.InsuranceBoard.org and click on the 30th Celebration logo. We will choose 30 winners to honor and celebrate.


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