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Justice Leadership Program – Pacific Northwest

Justice Leadership ProgramHey All:

Our conference hosts one of the expressions of the UCC’s Young Adult Service Communities called the Justice Leadership Program (JLP).  In the three years since this program has launched, this program’s impact on our conference has been significant.  Its because of the interns involved in the program that more churches have recently become involved in directly advocating for economic and racial justice; more involved in our statewide ecumenical body’s advocacy work; and simply more likely to call each other to see what might be done together for justice.

The young adults have an opportunity to reflect on their work through educational and spiritual development programming.  Its not just what we value that is shared but the faith behind is nurtured, too.  Many of the interns that were marginally involved in church before entering the program have sought out church homes that reflect their faith and values.

Some of each year’s interns have continued as a cohort and support system – locally and nationally – to help them apply what they have learned once they end their time in the program and, in most cases, as they continue to do justice work professionally.  The program’s been so successful in Seattle that we’re looking at starting a 2nd community in Tacoma, WA starting in 2016.  Its been amazing.

Please feel free to pass this email on to folks you know might interested or those who might know interested young adults.  The national application process is open now (and accessible through this Justice Leadership Program link).  JLP is relatively new so not widely known.  That said, its a great opportunity for a young adult interested in social justice to find a way to do that through a UCC program and for us to help develop some of the leaders we have been hoping for.



Rev. Michael Denton
Conference Minister
Pacific Northwest Conference


The United Church of Christ

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