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“Hymn to Her” Art Show

Hym To HerDigital Collages by Karen Whitehill

on Display During Lent

at Mt. Hollywood United Church of Christ

1733 N. New Hampshire Ave., Los Angeles

Karen Whitehill is an artist living in Reas Ford, Virginia.  She grew up in a Congregational church, and is delighted to have her “Hymn to Her” series of collages displayed in our church.  Her images are of women Hollywood stars of bygone days, digitally superimposed to replace images of Jesus by classical and more contemporary painters.  She specializes in conceptual work, mainly digital collages and acrylic portraits.  The “Hymn to Her” show evokes in Karen an experience of the feminine aspect of the divine, curiosity about what the gospel story would be like if the protagonist had been female, and also a sense of light-hearted fun.

She’d love to get comments from viewers: Karen Whitehill <klwhitehill@comcast.net>

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