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Launching Stillspeaking Weekly: Sparking Ministry Conversations: News from Ben Guess

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Colleagues –

I wanted to bring to your attention the launch of Stillspeaking Weekly: Sparking Ministry Conversations, a new e-publication from Local Church Ministries, in association with PIC.  This new weekly resource – distributed at approximately 3 p.m. (ET) each Wednesday (starting today!) – will take the place of the former Congregational Vitality newsletter, which we let sunset about a month ago.  (Initially, it will be sent to former recipients of the CV weekly email, but others will be able to subscribe.)

The Stillspeaking Weekly is designed to provide a weekly “thought piece” for congregational leaders, touching on a variety of topics important to local church life, including governance, faith formation, vision and mission, demographics, building utilization, worship, music, evangelism, stewardship, ministerial and lay leadership, justice advocacy, and more.   Each weekly installment will be written so that it can be shared in small groups — such as church councils, staff gatherings, or ministry committees — to spark conversations and invite new ideas about enhancing congregational ministry.  Starter questions will be included. 

Here is the first installment:  http://act.ucc.org/site/MessageViewer/?em_id=59022.0&dlv_id=0

Give us a few weeks, so you can get a feel for the diversity of topics.  But, as always, we welcome your feedback … and your promotion.   We hope, in time, it will prove popular and useful within our churches and in other settings.



The Rev. J. Bennett Guess

Executive Minister, Local Church Ministries

United Church of Christ



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