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Good Morning, God…Part 3

Good morning, God…Prayers by Ken Noltie…Part 3
Noltie-Ken-2God, I just wanted to thank you for my extra-deep never-ending overflowing cup!  Some days it’s over the top with joy, other days it’s over the top with life’s messes…and it’s on those days that I realize that the mess is overflowing because the good stuff is pushing it out of the way!
God, here we are back at October and a little nervous about fires.  It’s such a strange feeling the emotions a fire can pull up.  Even at their most destructive they can inspire such a feeling of awe.  It’s strange that some things cannot survive without fire.  They need fire to go through their life cycle and prosper.  It’s much like how our lives can be sometimes.  We need to go through a fire storm to experience growth.  It’s because we’ve been licked by the flames that our faith roots grow deeper and stronger.
God, it’s that time of year again when we gather around the table with our family and friends and over indulge in the food fest of Thanksgiving.  Sometimes I wonder, is it wrong to put our blessings on display when others have not been blessed with food?  And then sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with basking in the glory of what we’ve been blessed with?  I guess it’s a thin line between boastful pride and being grateful.  Amen.

 God, did you ever wonder why we only ask you for peace on earth and good will towards men in December?  I wonder what would happen if we asked for peace and good will on a Thursday in May or maybe before breakfast one morning in August.  Thank you for the calm that comes on Christmas Eve and help us to retain that feeling during the rest of the year.   Amen.
God, another year is now in the history books and we keep moving forward.  Because two things cannot occupy the same space, it’s time to let the negative pass so that the positive can rise to the top. Now is the time to dump the baggage from last year so that we can move on this year.  Help us to let go of any hurt, anger, bad feelings and mistrust that we have so that this year will be better than last year.     Amen.
God, this is the month of valentines and love and ground hogs and the Super Bowl.  It seems like February is packed with high expectations and for some, big disappointments.  Keeping it all in perspective can sometimes be a big challenge.  Help me stay focused and in tune so that I can hear You tell me what’s the best way for me to show others You love them just the way You made them.    Amen.

God, this month and next month we get to have a big group hug in your living room as we sit and talk with each other about the things we do best.  I’m not exactly sure how to qualify that with one example.  We do a lot of things well and we fill a need in many lives outside our walls.  It will be good to find out what we do great for ourselves.  Amen.
 God, do you realize that in the history of the world this moment has never happened before and it will never happen again.  I wonder if I used it wisely.  That’s a lot of pressure to constantly be vigilant to do the right thing.  I’m counting on you to keep pointing me in the right direction.  Amen.
God, I can’t help but notice the coincidence that our search committee will be starting its work in the same month that celebrates the end of “the unfarmable” winter, the love of a good mother, and the memory of those who stepped forward to defend honor.  It’s an interesting parallel to our church as we continue on our journey to grow, love and honor.  Amen

God, just giving you fair warning.  Its summer time and we are in a playful mood around here.  We have picnics, parties, and vacations all coming up. Just thinking ahead you may need to give us a helping hand instead of guiding the way.  Just asking that you do what you can to get us home safely from our summer fun.   Amen.
God, we’ve got a lot going on around here lately.  We’ve got a minister to hire, a youth director to find, a building that needs maintenance and updating, outreach that needs tending to…stuff!  A lot of us are not sure where we’ll get the energy or the money to get it all done.  I’m thinking we could use a large shot of motivation from you to get all this done.   Amen.
God, we have a lot of maintenance projects that need tending to around here.  You’ve put a lot of creative people in here.  So we need to ask that you let the creative thoughts start flowing so we can come up with some ideas on how to pay for a new roof and some paint and some carpet and some blinds.  We also need to ask for people who are able to maybe sponsor a quart of paint or 10 feet of roofing.  If we all do this together, we can get it done as one.   Amen.
God, all the prodigal children have returned!  Summer is over and Homecoming is the next big holiday!  Thanks for the home you’ve provided us so that we have a home to come back to at the end of our travels.  More importantly, thanks for the family that you’ve placed inside to really make it a home.   Amen.
God, did you plan the colors of fall on purpose or did you just let it happen to see what it would be like?  There’s something about seeing the fall colors that just brings up feelings of family and home.  It’s a sense of security that’s hard to match.  Whether it was design or default, it works!   Amen.
God, I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.  While we celebrate with excess help us remember those who have less but still have much to be thankful for.  Help us also to remember our mundane blessings like shoes and socks.   Amen.
God, the quiet of a winter night can sometimes be the loudest sound You make.  There is something about listening to snow fall or wind blow through pine trees that brings comfort and calm to a hectic day.  It’s the silent nights that set the tone of the gift of Christmas.  Haben eine stille Nacht Gott!   Enjoy a quiet evening with your Son.  Amen.
God, this coming year looks like it’s shaping up to another year of change and planning.  We’ve got a building to beautify, we’ve got kids to lead, and we’ve got a pastor to hire.  We even have a few more internal challenges staring us down.  It’s a lot of work being a progressive body looking for ways to spread the word and build a safe place for people to get to know you or get to know you better. Give us patience and insight so that we get it right.   Amen.
God, have you ever wondered how the world would look if the sentiments expressed on Valentine’s Day were expressed on March 3rd or August 12th or maybe even on Election Day?  Ever wonder what it would look like if we worked for “our good” rather than “my good?”  I don’t suppose you have time to write The Golden Rule – The Sequel do you?  Amen.
God, spring is back and with that comes the obligation of spring cleaning.  That is especially true for those of us who don’t clean the rest of the year.    It’s also the time for preparing the soil to get ready to plant seeds.  This is a great blessing to those of us who do not garden or farm.  So thank you for giving some people the patience of being a janitor or a maid while they clean up our messes and thank you for the talents you gave the gardeners and the farmers.  For without them we would all be hungry and dirty.  Amen.
God, as we approach Memorial Day we take a moment to remember those who have gone before us.  They paved our way, they gave us our foundations and they gave us a purpose.  May I ask that you lead us to a place where when it’s time for us to be remembered that those who do remember us can say that their life is better and their burden was eased because we passed through their life.  Amen

God, What happened?  Sometimes it seems like the bad people get the best of us.  Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how things can get so far out of hand that someone thinks violence is the solution.  Sometimes I wonder how can You let someone’s reality become so skewed.  Sometimes I wonder, if you know it’s going to happen, why don’t you stop it before it spins out of control.  Sometimes I wonder why you don’t let good beat bad to the punch.  Sometimes I wonder, if bad never happens would our good rise to the top.  Amen.
God, as one part of our church life is winding down, another part of our church is ramping up.  We are going to be busy preparing Your house for everyone who wants to come inside.  You brought us a still calming voice to help us refocus on who and why we are and now you are sending us a very energetic voice to move us forward and expand our horizons and our outreach. Then, to keep us focused, You put a rather big reminder on our front door that we still have work to do as we move on to the next phase of our life.    Amen.
God, thank you for the gift of Rev. Bill!  Thank you for the gift of his wife who agreed to share him with us.  As he takes his leave from us, be with him as he plans the next phase of his life to keep the story alive.  Be with us as we adjust to a new spiritual leader and continue to grow with the tools he has provided us.   Let us continue to honor him, our church and Your word by our actions.   Amen.

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