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The History & Practice of Spiritual Reading

“The History and Practice of Spiritual Reading” will explore ancient, medieval, and contemporary methods for utilizing sacred texts to enhance spiritual experience. We will begin with a survey of spiritual interpretation and engagement with sacred texts, including the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, medieval mystical practices linked to sacred texts, and contemporary expressions. Participants will then engage in creative and practical spiritual work with texts from a range of traditions, including Biblical, Qu’ranic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist materials. Textual interpretation will be used in concert with exploratory journaling, guided meditations, times of silence, and attentive walking. No previous experience or prerequisites are needed.

     Participants should each bring a copy of the Bible, the Tao Te Ching, and the Qu’ran if available. Copies of other texts will be provided by Instructor.

     Located two miles from the main campus, Casa del Sol is a retreat house at Ghost Ranch dedicated to deeper spiritual contemplation. In 2013 many workshops which are conducive to small group work and contemplative space, including this one, are being held at Casa del Sol.

Rev. Dr. James D. Findlay has his doctoral training in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, but his skills and interests are wide ranging. He has taught college and graduate level courses in the History of Christianity, both Testaments of the Bible, World Religions, Mysticism, and Logic and Critical Thinking, as well as courses in methodology related to the study of Religion. In addition he has led retreats and provided spiritual support for persons and groups of various ages and backgrounds.

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