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The SCNC is Making a Conference Call!

August 15, 2012

Dear Friends,

We’re making a Conference Call!

     AT&T said it first:  “Reach out and touch someone.”  Now it’s our turn to do just that.  Your Southern California Nevada Conference (SCNC) is coming to call, visiting every church in the Conference to share our excitement about General Synod 29.  We’ll join you for worship in September or October (your pastor has the date) to make a short presentation about Synod and to invite you to “Put Yourself in the Picture” when GS29 comes to Long Beach, June 28 – July 2, 2013.

     We’ll also answer any questions you have about why UCCers gather together every two years, traveling long distances to plunge headlong into the intensity and immensity of a General Synod…questions like “Why should I attend?  What’s in it for ME?”  Ah, the stories we have to share:
                    …stories of worship
                    …stories of music and dance
                    …stories of community
                    …stories of one of the world’s greatest family reunions
                    …stories of love and laughter
                    …stories of God’s challenges and grace

     Oh, and by the way, do ask us to tell you the story of the cookies!  That’s one of our best.

     About “putting yourself in the picture”…we need volunteers, volunteers from every church in the Conference, to help us make GS29 special – Southern California Nevada special.  We’re seeking caring, smiling people to register and welcome participants, “work the floor,” provide child care, plan activities and programs, bake cookies, distribute information and make the Synod experience exciting and special for everyone.  Whatever your talents, there’s a place for you at GS29!



Rev. Betsy Bacon
GS29 Local Arrangements Committee

P.S.   Are you an old Synod hand who’d like to help tell our story at one or more SCNC churches?  If so, please contact me at betsybacon17@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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