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Congo Week October 14-20: 

     Your congregation’s outreach ministries can make a difference in Congo where there are more Disciples of Christ than any country outside the U.S.  Show your awareness, concern and love for brothers and sisters in the country now ranked at the bottom of 187 nations by the U.N. Development Index.  More than fifty years of corruption and repression have made Africa’s richest nation in natural resources a failed state wracked by violence on its eastern borders. 

     This is the fifth year our Global Ministries Africa office has supported www.friendsofthecongo.org in organizing Congo Week.  Join in solidarity with Disciples of Christ in Congo this year in one or more of the following ways:

1) Show the 26 minute film “Crisis in the Congo” which can be downloaded from www.congojustice.org
2) Learn about the Disciples in Congo and the Indiana Region-Mbandaka Region partnership by viewing the 13 minute video found at http://congo.indianadisciples.org/resources/partnership-video/
3) Encourage the signing of the petition found at http://www.change.org/petitions/fully-implement-public-law-109-456
4) Send a special over and above offering to Global Ministries designating Disciples work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

     Continue the mission partnership with Congolese begun over 100 hundred years ago by the first Disciple missionaries. Be blessed and bless your congregation by celebrating our historic ties with Christians in Congo during this year’s Congo Week October 14-20.

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