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Family Camp at Pilgrim Pines

by Melanie Lucero

     United Church of Christ La Mesa offers a “Family Camp” every year at Pilgrim Pines.  We attended for the very first time in 2011 with our three girls.  It was perfect apple picking-weather; clear and cool.  We showed up early Saturday and set off to find our cabins. We found them to be clean and well suited.  I especially liked the fact that we had our own mini bathroom (showers in a different building).  Bunk beds held us all snugly and the room was well lit with high windows. 

     The surrounding area is an absolutely beautiful part of the forest.  A twenty minute walk will take you to a waterfall, as our twelve-year-old daughter showed us.  She learned of the falls during her weeklong church camp at Pilgrim Pines, which she requested to attend again this year.  There is a big field that can be used for football or soccer or a raging game of tag.  One can watch the children playing from the veranda of the mess hall.  Since it was getting cool, we didn’t even have mosquitoes to bug us.   There are other activities such as a challenge course and pool but we didn’t use any of those this time.

     We didn’t have a rigid schedule, which was very relaxing.  We watched the children make friends and play while we adults “hung out.”  The children played well, had fun and they, too, “hung out.”  Dancing then S’mores rounded out the perfect day.

     Late Saturday night, I heard our neighbor through the connecting door, say “shoo, go away,” and noticed their light was on.  I thought maybe a squirrel had wandered into their room.  I asked what was going on and they said, “A bear is trying to get in.”  They were so calm.  So I looked out of our locked glass door and sure enough there was a cute little dark bear.  He looked at me, I looked at him.  Then I started pounding on the glass and yelling as my own little cubs were in their bunks.  I thought maybe Mama Bear might be near.  Hey, what do I know about bears?  Scared him/her away, went back to sleep. 

     In the morning we noticed paw marks in the dirt and bear boogers on the glass doors.  It was very exciting for the kids.  As far as I know, in the past 30-something years no one from our church has ever seen a bear, but here we were our first trip to Pilgrim Pines and we get visited.  Hopefully, we will return to Pilgrim Pines soon as we truly had a wonderful and restful mini-vacation.

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