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2012 Annual Gathering Report from Pilgrim Place

by Bill Cunitz, President/CEO

     Over the years, Pilgrim Place has enjoyed a positive reputation for “giving back” to the community – both locally and globally. It’s who we are and the values we share.  The ways we give back to those beyond our gates speak volumes about the intentional, transformative community that is Pilgrim Place.  Here’s our stewardship report for 2011/2012:

  • We’re developing a new paradigm of care for elders at our Health Services Center – now provided in home-like “neighborhoods” where residents receive high touch, person-centered care by a team of staff, volunteers and friends whose focus is on their emotional, social and spiritual needs.  Change from the traditional, “hospital” model of nursing care is possible – and is happening!
  • Pilgrim Place has launched an intergenerational initiative, the Napier Awards for Creative Change – designed to encourage leadership skills in students at the Claremont Colleges who wish to pursue projects and careers in social justice, global peace and care of the Earth. Through mentorships, an annual awards process, and an intergenerational college class, “Religion, Ethics and Social Practice: Learning Partnership on Vocations for Social Change,” elders and students explore together opportunities to work for social and economic justice.
  • Our community has nurtured a vision to create a national model of energy-efficiency on campus, demonstrating to retirement communities everywhere how people’s imaginations and talents can be put to work to preserve and improve life on our Earth home.
  • Our social responsibility calls us to absorb costs of approximately $325,000 for elders from the wider community on Medi-Cal who are residents at the Health Service Center.
  • We have developed a partnership with the non-profit organization, Community Senior Services that provides an enrichment program to engage frail elders whose physical and cognitive abilities are challenged in a series of supervised activities in a safe environment. This offers some well-deserved “time off” for family members and caregivers.
  • Our intercultural Petterson Museum contains revolving exhibits of international fine art, folk art, and material culture covering many centuries of human history – encouraging visitors from Claremont and beyond to grow in their understanding and appreciation of world cultures. “Traveling Boxes” of museum’s beautiful treasures from various geographic regions of the world are available to provide a hands-on educational experience for students and other groups.

     We are defined by our intentional community that involves itself with issues of social justice, peace, and care of the Earth – with an open invitation to members from the wider community to participate in programs and lectures planned to educate and frame the issues, needs and challenges facing our world – and its people.  The partnership we share with the Churches of the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ, nurtures and sustains us in this mission.  We are deeply grateful for your continuing support and encouragement. 

Bill Cunitz
President /CEO

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