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A Peace Corps Panel Discussion

 The  Congregational Church  of  La Jolla

U   N   I   T   E   D        C   H   U   R   C   H        O   F        C   H   R   I   S   T


A Peace Corps Panel Discussion & Slide Show
Sunday, October 30, 2011
1 PM

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps to promote world peace and friendship.  Since then, 200,000+ Americans have served in 139 countries as Peace Corps volunteers.

This year, the Peace Corps will celebrate 50 years of promoting peace and friendship worldwide to those who want to build a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities.

Please join us to learn about the mission of the Peace Corps, its history and current endeavors.

Our panel members are four Peace Corps alumni:

  • Diana Gomez, UCSD Peace Corps recruitment office, Armenia 1999
  • Maureen Feeley, UCSD Political Science Department, Faculty Lecturer, Kenya 1986
  • Kyle Irwin, UCSD Graduate Student, Panama 2005
  • Brian Camblin, UCSD Graduate Student, Honduras 2004 and Colombia 2010.

Each panelist will share experiences about volunteering in these countries and how serving in the Peace Corps influenced their life path decisions.

     With 8,655 Volunteers serving 76 countries, today’s Peace Corps is more relevant than ever.  By sharing their peaceful heritage, Peace Corps alumni and volunteers continue to help and inform individuals worldwide.  In presenting our Peace Corps panel discussion we hope to inspire the next generation of volunteers through education and engagement.

Come and hear their stories.  Invite your friends.
This Peace Forum is free and open to the public.
Childcare will be provided.
1216 Cave Street       ●      La Jolla, California  92037
(858) 459-5045        ●       website: lajollaucc.org       ●       Fax (858) 459-0487

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