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2011 – 2012 Youth Events

Hello SCNC-UCC Youth and Youth Leaders

We are looking forward to a dynamic and fun-filled year! Here are the Conference Events for the Youth of the Conference that we have planned.

Look for more information coming to the SCNCUCC Website under Youth and Young Adult.

If you have any questions, please contact Neal Washburn washburn@scncucc.org.

Oct 30, 2011                    Funtastic Festi-Fall (6th – 12th grades)                    Peppermint Ridge
Jan. 13-16, 2012               Jr. High JANboree, (6th – 8th grades)                     Loch Leven
Feb. 17-20, 2012               FEB Camp, (9th – 12th grades)                              Pilgrim Pines Camp
Mar. 16-18, 2012               Confirmation Retreat                                             Pilgrim Pines Camp
Mar. 23-24, 2012               Founders Day                                                      Chapman University
Apr. 14, 2012                   Youth Uniting in Mission, (6th – 12th grades)           TBD
Jun 8-9, 2012                   Annual Gathering                                                  TBD
Jul 10-14, 2012                 National Youth Event                                            Purdue University
Jul 29-Aug 4, 2012            CYMC (Tentative Date)                                         Pilgrim Pines Camp

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