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BiG WiDE GRiN in Laguna Concert

     Laguna Beach’s Neighborhood Congregational Church welcomes BiG WiDE GRiN on Friday, August 12, 7:30 pm in the church sanctuary.  Big Wide Grin, a soulful acoustic 3 Peace Band, brings their folk music to Laguna for one night only.  Tickets are only $10 and include free parking in the church lot (behind church at Cleo & Glenneyre, across from Ralph’s Grocery Store).

     Before the 7:30 concert on August 12, concertgoers are invited to picnic on the church lawn (5:30-7:00).  Bring your own picnic, beverages, and blanket for a relaxing evening before the concert.  Tickets available at the door. Neighborhood Congregational Church is located at 340 St. Ann’s Drive (one block east of Pacific Coast Hwy) in Laguna Beach. Email info@ncclaguna.org or call 949-494-8061 for more information.

     Elaine Dempsey, Lawrence Lambert, and Karl Werne are BiG WiDE GRiN. When this bi-coastal trio – from California and Virginia – gets together it’s more than just a tour. It’s a celebration. They write and perform contemporary acoustic music with a feel that is both familiar and nostalgic. Think about the groups that made you fall in love with this type of music – Crosby Stills & Nash, The Mamas &The Papas, or Peter Paul & Mary. Think about of all those great harmonies, all those socially conscious lyrics, songs of protest, peace, love and togetherness. Think about Poco, Pure Prairie League, and Simon  & Garfunkel. Their songs spoke to us as much with the interplay of guitars and voices as they did with their lyrics.

     Now think BiG WiDE GRiN. Referred to as a “3 Peace Band” or as being “Soulfully Acoustic” everything about this award winning trio is BiG from their charismatic and witty stage presence to their musical wall of sound and their subtle but powerful message of universal love and peace. They all contribute original material to their set lists, they all sing and they each play a variety of instruments  – guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, strum stick, djembe and other assorted percussion –which they pass around during their concerts to keep things lively. Added to that are harmonies crafted from their three diverse backgrounds in rock, folk, gospel and R & B. When combined, their three voices offer a deep, rich blend that will surely give a music lover goose bumps, a shiver down their spine, or  – yep, you guessed it – a BiG WiDE GRiN.

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