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A Great New Option to “Step Up Your Rate”

New option available on investments of 18 months or more

At the Cornerstone Fund, we’re always evaluating ways to help our investors earn more from their investments.  Our Demand Account pays a higher rate of interest than most savings and money market accounts.  Our Church Builder Bonus offers a 1.5% interest rate bonus on our five-year investment rate.  And now, all of our investments of 18 months or more offer the Step Up Your Rate option –an opportunity to move to a higher interest rate one time during the term of your investment.

Let’s say you choose an 18-month investment at a rate of 1.500% – but eight months later, the rate on the 18-month note has risen to 2.000%.  With the Step Up Your rate option, you can request a one-time increase to the 2.000% rate, which would be paid on your investment for the remainder of the original term.

“We’re offering this new option to encourage our investors to think longer-term,” says Gordon Gilles, President of the Cornerstone Fund.  “In the current economic climate, investors aren’t sure what’s going to happen with interest rates.  They’re reluctant to invest in 30-or 60-month notes, as they’re concerned that rates may go up, leaving them earning at a lower rate with several years to go before they can renew their investment.  The Step Up Your Rate option eliminates this concern, and gives investors the opportunity to take advantage of the better rates available on longer-term investments.”

The Step Up Your Rate option is automatically included on all fixed-rate investments of 18 months or more (excluding the Church Builder Bonus.)  To take advantage of the option, simply notify the Cornerstone Fund by returning the document provided with your original investment note.

To keep on top of rate changes, subscribe to our Rate Update email by sending your  email address to info@cornerstonefund.org.   If you have questions, give us a call toll-free at (888) 822-3863.

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