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Free Webinar Series for Church Members and Leaders

A webinar series for church members and leaders


     Growing Safe and Healthy Congregations and Families in the United Church is a webinar series designed to increase our capacity to effectively respond to and prevent domestic and sexual violence in the life of our church. Each webinar will address a different topic from a theological perspective as well as provide best practices and resources.  Interaction with the presenters will be possible. This series will educate, equip and inspire both clergy and laity to join the movement to end sexual and domestic violence and abuse. Offered by Justice and Witness Ministries of the United Church of Christ and the FaithTrust Institute (FTI).

      Registration is required for each webinar. There is no cost to register and participate. All sessions will begin at 3:00 pm Eastern (12:00 pm Pacific) and last for one hour

     Download Flyer Here http://www.ucc.org/justice/womens-issues/pdfs/Flyer-Webinar-Sexual-Violence-1-21-11.pdf

March 22 , 3:00 PM EST :    

The Invisible Victims of Domestic Violence: Children’s exposure to domestic violence
This webinar will look at the prevalence of and the effects on children who are exposed to domestic violence.  We will specifically discuss some of the high risks for teens living in violent homes, their coping strategies, spiritual crisis and what churches can do to advocate for them.
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Aleese Moore-Orbih
Register: https://pbucc.webex.com/pbucc/j.php?ED=125904057&RG=1&UID=0&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D

May 10 , 3:00 PM EST :    

Sharpening Your Premarital Counseling Tools: Addressing domestic violence in premarital counseling
This webinar will address the importance of screening for domestic violence.  How to screen for past, current or potential domestic violence and affirm the components of a healthy covenantal relationship.
Speaker: Susan Yarrow Morris
Register: https://pbucc.webex.com/pbucc/j.php?ED=125904157&RG=1&UID=0&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D


May 17 , 4:00 PM EST :    

Taking it to The Next Level: Healthy Teen Relationships
Technology has added a new twist to teen relationships – the Internet, texting, smart phones all present new opportunities and dangers.  This webinar will address ways youth pastors and leaders can address healthy relationships and teen dating violence education into the youth ministry activities. It will address signs and components of healthy relationships as well as how to respond to teenagers involved in unhealthy relationships.
Speakers: Rev. Lizann Bassham; Colin JonesRegister: https://pbucc.webex.com/pbucc/j.php?ED=125904767&RG=1&UID=0&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D


June 8 , 3:00 PM EST :     Abuse and Forgiveness: The Possibilities of Healing
For survivors of abuse, forgiveness is the last step . . . maybe.  How do our theology and study of scripture guide our process?
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
Register: https://pbucc.webex.com/pbucc/j.php?ED=125904627&RG=1&UID=0&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D

June 15, 3:00 PM EST:     

The Prophetic Voice: How Do We Preach?
How do we integrate addressing victimization into our preaching beyond a once-a-year special Sunday?  Someone in your congregation is waiting for a word from the pulpit.
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
Register: https://pbucc.webex.com/pbucc/j.php?ED=125904677&RG=1&UID=0&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D


Phase II:  September – November, 2011 (specific dates to be announced)

All sessions will begin at 3:00 pm Eastern and last for one hour     


September 2011, 3:00 PM EST:    

Responding to Clergy Misconduct in the UCC
How are we doing in the UCC in response to complaints of clergy misconduct?  What is our approach at the national and conference levels? 

Addressing the Spiritual Crisis of Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
Adult survivors face many issues in their healing process.  How can the church be a source of support as they struggle with betrayal, anger, forgiveness? What elements are necessary to create an environment where healing is possible?

October 2011, 3:00 PM EST:    

Removing the Veil: Intimate Partner Violence and LGBT Couples
If you are a pastor of an O&A church, you need to be prepared to address issues of intimate partner violence in same-sex couples.  While domestic violence has common dynamic across all lines, understanding social context is critical to have an effective response.    

The Intersections of Race and Racism I: Domestic Violence in the Lives of African American and Latina Women
Domestic violence crosses all racial lines. This webinar will highlight some of the intersections of race and racism as specific contributors to violence against these women. It will address the role of faith and offer concrete ways in which faith communities can respond to survivors.   

The Intersections of Race and Racism II: Domestic and Violence in the Lives of Native American and Asian Women
The dynamics of and contributors to domestic violence are culturally specific. This webinar will highlight some culturally specific contributors to violence against these women. It will address the role of faith and offer concrete ways in which faith communities can respond to survivors. 

November 2011, 3:00 PM EST:    

Reducing the Risk of Child Abuse
Ordained clergy and lay persons have the responsibility to use their roles to protect children and all vulnerable persons from sexual abuse in the congregation.  This webinar will discuss the need for child protection policies such as the UCC’s Safe Church Policy. It will highlight the legal, theological and ethical responsibilities to prevent child sexual abuse.

Understanding and Responding to Child Abuse
This webinar will raise awareness among lay leaders, especially those with direct contact with or supervision of children, of the vulnerability of children and the need to intervene at times on their behalf. It will highlight ways to identify possible abuse, what to do when there is a disclosure and how to report appropriately.

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