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Crisis Management: When the Media Comes for A Visit

Originally published in The Steward (Summer 2010), a publication of the Insurance Board. Reprinted with Permission

We have all seen it on the news: something bad happened at somebody else’s church whether it be financial irregularities, allegations of sexual misconduct, or injuries to children. You are a church leader. Do you have any idea what you would do to manage the situation? How you would protect the reputation of your church?

As a participant in the Insurance Board program, you have access to the kind of services a large corporation would use to manage a crisis involving injuries to its customers.

Recently, a church reported an incident of alleged child abuse that came as a complete surprise.  When offered “crisis management” services by the IB Claim Staff, the church declined believing they could resolve the matter quietly. The following day as news crews arrived at the church, they reached out to us for assistance and we were glad we could help.

Because your church’s reputation is “everything”, your leadership should have a clear understanding about who speaks on behalf of your church in a crisis, and be prepared to call us for help.

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