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Sister Giant Weekend To Empower Women

Awaken the Sister Giant!
Friday-Saturday, October 22-23
A Retreat Weekend
Of Remembering and Reflecting
On the Empowerment of Women Through History
Reserve Your Spot Now!
Contact annaluken@earthlink.net or call 494-8061

On October 22-23, JOY Ministry along with Anna Krajec and Donna LeClair, invite you to rouse the Sleeping Giant of American Woman at our first SISTER GIANT weekend in our own NCC Bridge Hall. This conference, modeled on the inspirational event created by Marianne Williamson, speaks to the role of women at this pivotal moment in history. It’s a critically important time to transition from disastrous probabilities to fantastic possibilities, and women can lead the way.

If you are a woman who feels a prompting in your heart that goes something like this: “Okay, it’s time. I might not be perfect, but I’m good enough. And I’m ready,” then this invitation is for you. During SISTER GIANT, we will review the historic forces that quelled the voice of the Western woman as we view the important Canadian documentary about the medieval burning of the witches, “The Burning Times.” On Saturday morning, we’ll continue a review of history and its challenge to us to speak our truth now in the HBO docu-drama about the journey to U.S. women’s right to vote “Iron Jawed Angel.”  Saturday afternoon, we will be further challenged and inspired by the Muslim and Christian women of Liberia as they worked together to protest and insist that the male leaders of their nation finally negotiate a peace settlement.

Keynote speakers, including our own Mary J. Scifres, along with conversation facilitators will invite us to reflect on the history of women’s strength while encouraging you to not only find your greatness, but the courage and empowerment to do something great.  These inspiring movies and speakers will help us to awaken the strength within!

We will journey from an understanding of our history …. to a reclaiming of our personal power …. and ultimately to a vital commitment to be a powerful collective force in eradicating hunger and poverty on the planet today.   Truly, it is time for us to change the world.

During our SISTER GIANT weekend, we will look within, and we will look without. In partnership with the RESULTS (results.org) organization, we will have the opportunity to learn lobbying and advocacy skills to pursue our power and utilize our strength in social justice issues that impassion us.  With JOY Ministry, we will be shown hands-on opportunities to be in mission and service locally as well as globally.  Together, we can awaken the SISTER GIANT of women who care with compassion and are capable of creating champions for the end of poverty.

Contact Anna Krajec at annaluken@earthlink.net or call Neighborhood Congregational Church at 494.8061 to reserve your spot for October 22 -23’s SISTER GIANT weekend at 340 St. Anns Drive, Laguna Beach.

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